Wellbeing is about connecting the right dots. A united mind, body and soul can work wonders. GCF Reboot focuses on striking an equilibrium between 4 pillars: Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition & Engage. We provide CIO community members an opportunity to interact with the experts from these 4 pillars which can help them imbibe the benefits of an all-round wellbeing. The Global CIO Forum believes in overall wellbeing of CIOs and how they can uplift the life of their colleagues, friends and family.

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We often come across a popular phrase, “We are what we eat.” Food is undoubtedly one of the most important factor in determining our overall health. At Reboot, we help you focus on the importance of a balanced diet and how it can be integrated on a personal and also on the community level.

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A prudent diet can boost your mental as well as physical heath. It keeps you energised, active and improves productivity. Reboot.N programme is developed to boost healthy eating habits and how to encourage your employees and organisation to take a positive step towards a balanced diet. Reboot.N programme will improve community health and also provide a platform to reach a wide range of audience.


Monthly Shot.

Reboot.N Monthly Shot​ provides ideas and information on the importance of nutrition each month​. ​​These monthly insights are curated by the​ GCF and many globally renowned nutrition experts to help you create a culture of healthy food within ​you, ​your home, organisation ​and the community.​ This programme includes monthly live nutrition sessions, webcasts, nutrition challenges and many more activities.


Monthly Shots.


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Global Experts

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Ektaa Sibal

International Speaker & Counselor Inner - Self Transformation Specialist
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John Mattone

Top Executive Coach & the Co-Founder of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Franchise
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Yoga Ambassador


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3 ways to reframe your thoughts about food

Letting go of diets and plans is the first step in reclaiming balance with the way you nourish yours

January 21, 2021

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