Wellbeing is about connecting the right dots. A united mind, body and soul can work wonders. GCF Reboot focuses on striking an equilibrium between 4 pillars: Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition & Engage. We provide CIO community members an opportunity to interact with the experts from these 4 pillars which can help them imbibe the benefits of an all-round wellbeing. The Global CIO Forum believes in overall wellbeing of CIOs and how they can uplift the life of their colleagues, friends and family.

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Working remotely has become the new way of life for many employees across various sectors. The rise of this trend poses new challenges for team leaders and managers. Among the top priorities of managers is to create and maintain a strong and thriving remote work culture. Building a robust work culture is crucial for experience of your employees and also how your customers view your company. Creating a positive team culture can boost a company’s performance on multiple levels and also enhance the employees’ wellbeing and productivity. Here is a look at four steps that can help you build a better and a stronger remote work culture.

Focus on Wellness

Physical, mental and emotional health are crucial for your overall wellbeing. Start by creating a comfortable work home station especially with a correct body posture. Take out time for self-care and set a schedule for proper work hours to disconnect as if you were leaving from office.

Eat Right

It’s easy to ignore proper food habits while working from home. Avoid eating in front of your desktop and take out proper meal time. Keep some healthy snacks ready to munch during short breaks. Set your caffeine limit for the day and don’t forget to keep a water bottle on your desk.


Do you miss your office friends? Remote work can lead to communication gaps between your team. It’s good to schedule daily huddles virtually not just for work but for fun too. Fostering camaraderie within a team should be the priority on managers’ mind.

Move Your Body

Sedentary lifestyle is on the rise and remote work has augmented the habit to sit for long hours without breaks. To avoid an unhealthy pattern, stick to an exercise routine and take 5-10 minutes of short, regular breaks between work.


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